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Me, Martha, and the 4th wall

An example of me and Martha from Martha Speaks breaking the 4th wall

Breaking the Fourth Wall is basically is where characters from a book, tv or video game looks at the audience or camera or even tells a person their que


Some of the shows that have characters "break the fourth wall" are Phineas and Ferb, Pokemon, Martha Speaks, Mario series, Ed, Edd, Eddy, Simpsons, Family Guy, Avitar the last airbender, etc. In The Burns and Allen Show (CBS, 1950-1958), comedian George Burns broke the fourth wall as part of the shows defining characteristics, offering why commentary on the goings-on in his household (an extension of what he'd done when the duo had their hit radio show (CBS 1934-1949), though a radio program can't truly be said to have a "fourth wall".)

Some of the games have broke the fourth wall also.

In the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Off, the title character often turns to the camera to offer opinions on life.

On the show, Saved by the Bell, Zack breaks the fourth wall plenty of times to talk to the audience. One of his favorite time outs was that he was getting punched by Slater and he accidently punched Mr. Belding instead.

On an episode of Scrubs, J.D. breaks the fourth wall by telling america about his suit that he wore to the hospital. Also, he saw that ABC was now doing Scrubs instead of NBC, However, he was refering to Dr. Cox's watch when J.D said that his watch was new

My Litttle Pony: Friendship is Magic has some forth wall brakers. Pinkie Pie does it the most. Fluttershy did it in a episode.